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Visa sudah disetujui

visa merupakan izin tinggal pada kurun waktu tertentu di negara selain negara asal. proses mengurus visa di belanda untuk keperluan s3 saya cukup mudah. karena tinggal lebih dari 3 bulan, maka visa yang dibuat adalah MVV (temporary residence permit). visa ini diurus di Kantor Imigrasi Belanda (IND), yang di Wageningen University dilaksanakan dengan bekerjasama dengan Expat Center Food Valley. proses ini sebenarnya sangat mudah, dokumen yang dibutuhkan antara lain

•        A copy (scan) of your MSc diploma or Doctor’s degree (PhD), and an official translation of this document.
•        A CV
•        The completed and signed  antecedents certificate. (Please find attached)
•        The completed and signed Expat Center Food Valley declaration to allow me to give your personal data to authorities in the Netherlands that might need it. You will find this declaration attached.

And for your family members:
•        The completed and signed declaration ” Antecedent certificate”. (Children of twelve years and older must sign this declaration themselves!! For younger children I don’t need the form. See attachments.)
•        A copy/scan of the original marriage certificate together with a recent translation of this document by a sworn translator (not older than three months), legalised or apostilled.
•        A copy/scan of  the birth certificates of your daughter together with a recent translation of this document by a sworn translator (not older than three months), legalised or apostilled.
•        The form ”Authorisation and sponsorship declaration” (see attachment).  With signing this form you authorize me to apply for the permits of your family members, while you claim that you are the referee for your family members.

Furthermore I’d like to know the following:
•        At which Dutch Embassy in your country do you want to get your MVV (visa) issued, once approved?
•        What is your home address?
•        Have you ever lived in the Netherlands before? if so, please inform me if you still have your old Dutch Residence permit card (and send me a copy if so).

dan juga financial support
I noticed that your scholarship will be less than €1621,95 per month. One of the conditions for the visa and residence permit applications for your wife and daughter is that you have sufficient financial means to support their stay in the Netherlands. The IND will verify that your income is at least legally required minimum wage: €1621,95 per month. Please inform me whether you have aditional sources of income or savings that can contribute to your financial means. I’d also like to inform you that, if you decide to come to the Netherlands without your wife and daughter, the minimum required financial means are €1135,40 per month.
 dengan menggunakan LOG dengan tunjangan keluarga dari LPDP, alhamduliah tidak perlu deposit lagi

I have got my Letter of Guarantee and Letter of support for my funding from LPDP (attached). Those letters said that I got EUR 1200 / month plus EUR 300/month x 2 for my family, total monthly fund will be EUR 1800/month. are those letter is enough to describe my financial status or there is more document needed ?

setelah semua dokumen tersebut terpenuhi lalu dikirim dan menunggu 3 minggu tepat. kemudian surat pemberitahuan bahwa visa sudah disetujui

I am happy to inform you that I have received notification from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) that your visa (MVV) as “Employment as Researcher” has been approved and sent to the Dutch representation. Unfortunately, no decision has been made about your family members at this moment. I have requested IND to prioritise their applications.

The following reference numbers have been allocated to you:
Please contact the Dutch Embassy or Consulate in Jakarta to make an appointment to collect your visa. You need to download the MVV application form from their website. If it is more convenient to you, you could wait until IND has made a decision on the application for your family members.
Please inquire which documents you need to bring with you, like birth certificates or marriage certificate. In any case, you need to bring your passport which should be valid for at least six months. You are required to collect the visa in person before 13-8-2015.

When you visit the Embassy or Consulate you need to a bring the fully completed MVV form and a passport photograph, meeting the requirements for Dutch passport photographs. (For the requirements we refer to the document attached “Photomatrix guidelines 2007”). An employee of the diplomatic post will scan your photograph and checks whether it meets the requirements. Also your fingerprints will be taken. Finally, you need to sign a document so that your residence permit can be prepared.

Please do not book an airplane ticket before you have the visa sticker(s) in your passport(s).

I would like to ask you to inform me and your project manager/supervisor at Wageningen University as soon as possible about your arrival date in the Netherlands.
After you have informed me about your arrival date,  I will send you another e-mail with a date for an intake appointment so that I can inform you about the actions to be taken after arrival. Please take into account that after arrival it can take some days before everything is set in place and you can start working.
Also your residence permit has been approved by IND. It will be valid from 1-7-2015 up to 1-7-2019 I will inform you further about this during our appointment.

Health and liability insurances will be arranged from the day on which you will travel.
I advise you not to take out an insurance in your own country, but to let us arrange the special insurance for guests for you.

Please don't forget to bring the original, translated, and legalised (apostilled) birth certificate(s) and, if applicable, the marriage certificate and/or divorce certificate with you to the Netherlands. You need these documents when you will register as a temporary resident of the Netherlands at the city hall of Wageningen, after your arrival.

The city hall also issues a so-called BSN-number (Citizen Service Number) to you. This might take some weeks. Since you need this number for instance when you want to open a bank account, we advise you to bring enough money or other financial resources for the first weeks of your stay. In order to speed up the process of issuing the BSN-number, I will apply for it in advance by sending your passport and address details in the Netherlands to the city hall. So please send me your address details in the Netherlands at least 2 weeks before your arrival.

Attached you will find Guides 2 and 3  with useful information. I recommend to read all the three parts of the guides (I have already sent you Guide 1).

Also attached you will find a very important document about your residence conditions (called “Modern Migration Act”). I would like to ask you to read this document very carefully, sign it and return it to me by email. We will keep it in your file.

The fee for an application for Visa (MVV) and residence permit is € 307 for you, for your partner € 230 and for each child € 53. This will be paid by our organisation in advance by direct debit. At a later stage this might be settled with you by the Research Group you will be working for.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please don’t forget to inform me when you have the Visa and about the arrival date.
akantetapi ternyata visa untuk keluarga belum jadi, beberapa kasus teman juga seperti itu, dan selisih beberapa hari. semoga bisa cepat jadi.

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