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Mendapatkan LOA dan Mendaftar PhD Wageningen University

Mendaftar PhD di Wageningen University merupakan langkah terakhir dalam perjuangan masuk ke dalam perkuliahan PhD di Wageningen University.

Pertama tama adalah menentukan akan melakukan penelitian apa. setelah diperoleh beberapa kata kuncinya, lalu cari profesor yang tepat. yang dapat dilakukan adalah mencari di, mana bidang yang kira kira cocok, kemudian,
chair di wageningen
cari profil profesor dan staff peneliti di chair yang kemungkinan disukai penelitiannya

cara yang lain adalah Kenalan di forum ilmiah, Dikenalkan oleh teman, dosen, Mencari di web universitas universitas, Mencari di jurnal jurnal ilmiah. setelah dapat alamat emailnya, Setelah tertarik dengan bidang profesor tersebut, mulai perkenalan. berikut adalah contoh perkenalan yang pernah dilakukan

Komunikasi dengan profesor

kemudian dapat balasan

Thank you for your interest in our research program. Unfortunately my funds are fully committed to current graduate students, therefore I will be unable to provide you with an opportunity to work in our lab. However, I do take this opportunity to wish yo the very best in your academic pursuits.
Paul Singh
sayangnya belum dapat menerima mahasiswa karena pendanaan. tidak perlu patah semangat. cari yang lain. kebetulan saya menggunakan referensi dari dosen saya di UNIKA Soegijapranata untuk mengenalkan saya kepada Peneliti di Wageningen. dengan melampirkan berbagai dokumen seperti CV, Proposal, nilai IELTS, abstrak Thesis master. 
surat perkenalan
proposal s3
Proposal akan dilakukan evaluasi apakah cocok dengna penelitian di grup tersebut, apakah diperlukan penyesuaian. setelah dinyatakan cocok, akan diterbitkan surat penerimaan dari  grup
LOA dari FQD
setelah diterima, kemudian dapat digunakan untuk mendaftar ke graduate school VLAG
berikut adalah surat lamarannya
December 1, 2014

Fitriyono Ayustaningwarno STP MSi
Diponegoro University
Jl dr sutomo 18
+62 811 2 777 196

Dear Dr. F. Pepping

I am writing in response to be a Guest PhD student at The Wageningen University of Research, Graduate School of Food Technology, Agrobiotechnology, Nutrition and Health in Food Quality and Design Group. I was referred by Prof. Vincenzo Fogliano, Professor at Food Quality and Design Group. After several time discussion, they approve my PhD proposal, I also attach my email communication with the group. We also have decided that it is good to start the PhD at July 2015. My proposal title is Food Processing and Nutrition Antioxidant System in Red Dragon Fruit during Processing.
My name is Fitriyono Ayustaningarno STP., MSi, I have Bachelor in Food Technology from Soegijapranata University and Master in Food Science from Bogor Agricultural University. During my work at Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University, I doing research in plant based functional food topic. I have published several local journal in that topic. I also teach Food Science topic such as Food Science and Technology, Food Material Science and Food Quality and Safety, from this research and teaching, I also published five reference books in this topic.
Indonesia is one of largest fruit and vegetable in the world, but there is small attention in fruit and vegetable processing, doing a research as a Guest PhD in Wageningen Universtiy of Research will be an advantages to increase my knowledge, develop science in the topic and increase my contribution to my country. After I am complete my PhD, I will back to UNDIP to continue this research in Indonesia to develop Indonesian functional food from plant.

My PhD will be funded by Indonesian Government through LPDP scholarship. This scholarship will include
1.      Education cost
a.       registration (at cost)
b.      tuition fee, including matriculation (not language class)
c.       non tuition fee, books allowance, thesis/dissertation, seminar, publications, graduation ceremony (packet, each year, accumulative)
2.      Support cost
a.       departure and return from and to Indonesia (once, at cost)
b.      insurance (packet)
c.       Visa (at cost)
d.      living allowance (packet)
e.       family allowance (packet)
f.       settlement allowance (packet)
g.      University grade incentive (if the university has high rank, I will get incentive)
h.      force majeure

Today I have pass administration qualification for LPDP Scholarship and will face interview qualification at December 5, 2014, the opportunity to get the scholarship is high, but to increase chance to get the scholarship I have to get unconditional Acceptance Letter before the interview.
I have enclosed my approved proposal, reference letter, Curriculum Vitae, Photocopy of diplomas and transcript of higher education (both bachelor and master), IETLS score, and passport. I would be happy to send you any necessary additional materials if required. I can be reached at the email address and phone number above. Thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


Fitriyono Ayustaningwarno
Fitriyono Ayustaningwarno STP MSI MOS
Executive Secretary
Center of Nutrition Research (CENURE)
Diponegoro University
Jl. dr Sutomo no 18
Semarang 50244
Office Phone 024-8453708
Office Fax 024-8453708
Mobile 08112777196
email fayustaningwarno[at]
setelah dikirim akan segera mendapatkan surat penerimaan alias LOA yang dapat digunakan untuk beasiswa
LOA graduate school

Pada 9 Januari 2017 aturan untuk melamar PhD berubah, berikut adalah dokumen perubahan tersebut:
20170127_Letter of Academic Board to PhD supervisors and candidates 2017 
Protocol photographer at PhD thesis defence Wageningen University
Go no go form 2017
Publishing articles from the PhD thesis
Entry requirements to the Wageningen PhD programme
Doctoral Degree Regulations


  1. mba saya bisa minta kontaknya? saya mau nanya2 sedikit ttg aplikasi PHD WUR... terima kasih

  2. Dear Mr. Fitriono Ayustaningwarno...
    Saya ingin bertanya mengenai requirement PhD WUR, apakah bisa say minta kontak WA/email? mohon berkenan memberikan informasi... Terima kasih..

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