Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Formatting your bibliography

sumber: http://canterbury.libguides.com/endnote/basics-formatting

Even if CWYW is turned on, you may need to change settings for your own requirements
  • In Word’s EndNote ribbon, check in the Bibliography block that the correct style is selected

    If you need a different style, click the drop-down to see a short list of other styles; click Select Another Style... to see all styles currently available to you
  • If you are working with CWYW turned off, click Update Citations and Bibliography to generate the citations and bibliography
  • Bibliography Preferences: You can control some elements of the layout of the bibliography (font, heading, indenting and line spacing) by clicking the small arrow at the corner of the Bibliography block and then the Layout tab
There may be a slight delay, but the bibliography will soon appear at the very end of your document.

More Specific Formatting of the Bibliography

For EndNote version X7 later, you can also edit the Word style for the EndNote Bibliography
  • Move your cursor into one of the bibliography entries
  • Format the paragraph settings as you would like them to appear — for example, alter the indenting of the paragraph
  • Right-click and choose Styles > Update EndNote Bibliography to Match Selection

Creating chapter bibliographies

See this article for details http://endnote.com/kb/82598