Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Backup Your Data without being (redundant)

Backup your research data is highly critical. Disk failure, stolen or lost device are a typical example to do the backup.  To set a backup procedure will be cumbersome for some with limited knowledge. I am using a synchronized software and an Education Google Drive account for this mean. Education version offers unlimited storage compared to the free version. You also can use other cloud services such as One Drive, and Dropbox. I usually worked on a thumb drive, to made me comfortable to work from different computers. At end of the day, I am mirroring my work on thumb drives to a Google Drive Folder in my laptop, and then will be synced to the cloud.

The thumb drives that I am used is SanDisk USB-stick Cruzer Ultra 32 GB  and SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 64 GB. I used this brand in the past, and never failed me. However, a good backup always needed to prevent total data loss.

I used FreeFileSync 8.6 to synchronized the file in the thumb drives to my google drive folder.
The most important are the mirroring setting. I used only update and replace the right side, thus can prevent redundancy. I also have a university account which provides a network storage with 50Gb capacity and it also worked seemingly using  FreeFileSync 8.6.

having an unlimited storage mean you have to consider to chose the correct google drive sync setting. use only selected folder to prevent it syncing all of your data. 

This backup system enable you to have three backup locations, and secure your data properly.

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