Tuesday, February 27, 2018

numbering and aligning equation in word

  1. Click on “Insert Caption”
  2. Choose the Equation label
  3. Check the “Exclude label from caption” box
  4. Click on “Insert Caption”
  5. Choose the Equation label
  6. Check the “Exclude label from caption” box
  7. Hit the OK button
  8. Press TAB to move the equation
  9. Select the tab stop character.
  10. NOTE:  If you can’t see the tab stop character, click the Home tab, and then click Show/Hide in the Paragraph group.
  11. On the Page Layout tab, click the Paragraph Dialog Box launcher.
  12. Click Tabs.
  13. Under Tab stop position, type where you want the page number to be.
  14. NOTE:  To view the ruler so that you can type the right-margin location, click the View Ruler button at the top of the vertical scrollbar.

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