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Open access Journals in Food Science and related topics

Jurnal open akses dengan kualitas tinggi di bidang Ilmu pangan dan topik topik yang berhubungan sukar untuk ditemukan. jika tidak berhati hati dapat terjebak dalam jurnal predator. Elsevier sebagai salah satu publisher mengeluarkan daftar jurnal open akses di dalam pengelolaan mereka. antara lain:

1. Food Science and Human Wellness

Production and Hosting by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of Beijing Academy of Food Sciences

Peer Review under the responsibility of Beijing Academy of Food Sciences

Food Science and Human Wellness is an international peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for the dissemination of the latest scientific results in food science, nutriology, immunology and cross-field research. Articles must present information that is novel, has high impact and interest, and is of high scientific quality. By their effort, it has been developed to promote the public awareness on diet, advocate healthy diet, reduce the harm caused by unreasonable dietary habit, and directs healthy food development for food industrial producers.
Scope includes the following topics of research papers, prospective summarizes and comments:
• Food Biochemistry: comprehensive studies involving in carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes, lipids, nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, genomics, genetic/cell/enzymatic engineering, proteomics and metabonomics, etc.
• Food Microbiology: includes physiology, genetics and behavior of microorganisms, microbial interaction, microbial toxin, food pathogens, biocontrol, predictive microbiology and microbial risk assessment, etc.
• Nutrition and Immunology: food nutrition in the molecular level and in clinical studies, bioactive compounds/ingredients and their functional evaluations, cytokines, food allergies, molecular immunology, immunobiology and immunogenetics, etc.
• Food Safety and Toxicology: studies on foodborne diseases, hazard analysis and toxicological evaluations, etc

2. Journal of Ethnic Foods
The Journal of Ethnic Foods is dedicated to provide reliable information about people’s consumption of food, as well as the superiority or creativity developed from the long-term accumulated traditional understanding and knowledge in foods. The superiority and creativity of food cannot be fully understood and appreciated from food ingredients and nutrition. It has to be viewed also from other aspects, such as culture, ecology, history and environment. It is recommended to the authors to cover these areas in the manuscript. It could be demonstrated by various approaches such as biological, nutritional, epidemiological, ecological, or cultural anthropological research. The journal covers foods from different geographic areas across continents, including ethnic foods. The journal ultimately focuses on topics which contributes to health and long life, or topics with academic value. The journal welcomes review articles in the above mentioned fields, especially those highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of the ethnic food.

3. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis
Impact Factor: 1.980
5-Year Impact Factor: 1.159

Journal of Food and Drug Analysis (JFDA) is the official peer-reviewed open access publication of the Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan. The journal, which was launched in 1993, was recognized with the Taiwan National Science Council's Award of Excellence for 9 years from 1996 to 2004. The JFDA is indexed in SCIE, Medline, Chemical Abstracts, EMBASE, BIOSIS, International Food Information Service (FSTA), Abstracts of Chinese Medicines, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Research Alert, Biochemistry & Biophysics Citation Index.
The journal aims to provide an international platform for scientists, researchers and academicians to promote, share and discuss new findings, current issues, and developments in the different areas of food and drug analysis.
The scope of the Journal includes analytical methodologies and biological activities in relation to food, drugs, cosmetics and traditional Chinese medicine, as well as related disciplines of topical interest to public health professionals.
Article types accepted include review articles, original articles, case reports, and research notes.
Benefits to authors
We also provide many author benefits, such as free PDFs, a liberal copyright policy, special discounts on Elsevier publications and much more. Please click here for more information on our author services.

4. NFS Journal
The NFS Journal publishes high-quality original research articles and methods papers presenting cutting-edge scientific advances as well as review articles on current topics in all areas of nutrition and food science. The journal particularly invites submission of articles that deal with subjects on the interface of nutrition and food research and thus connect both disciplines. The journal offers a new form of submission Registered Reports (see below). NFS Journal is a forum for research in the following areas:
• Understanding the role of dietary factors (macronutrients and micronutrients, phytochemicals, bioactive lipids and peptides etc.) in disease prevention and maintenance of optimum health
• Prevention of diet- and age-related pathologies by nutritional approaches
• Advances in food technology and food formulation (e.g. novel strategies to reduce salt, sugar, or trans-fat contents etc.)
• Nutrition and food genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics
• Identification and characterization of food components
• Dietary sources and intake of nutrients and bioactive compounds
• Food authentication and quality
• Nanotechnology in nutritional and food sciences
• (Bio-) Functional properties of foods
• Development and validation of novel analytical and research methods
• Age- and gender-differences in biological activities and the bioavailability of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals and other dietary factors
• Food safety and toxicology
• Food and nutrition security
• Sustainability of food production
Benefits to authors
Registered Reports: NFS Journal offers pre-registration of the study design, planned experiments, and hypothesis and, if these are deemed interesting and worth publishing by members of the editorial board and outside expert reviewers, researchers will be able to publish their pre-registered studies in the journal irrespective of the outcome of the experiments, as long as the experiments have been performed accurately and data analyses and interpretation are according to the highest scientific standards and follow the pre-registered procedures. In order for authors to react to unforeseen and exciting results, it will be possible to report additional exploratory analyses within a specific section of the Registered Reports.
We also provide many author benefits, such as unlimited space and no restrictions on the number of tables and figures that can be presented, free PDF files, a liberal copyright policy, and much more.

5. Agriculture and Natural Resources
Copyright © 20XX, Kasetsart University. Production and hosting by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of Kasetsart University.

Peer review under responsibility of Kasetsart University

Agriculture and Natural Resources is a peer reviewed international scientific journal which publishes papers in the categories of review articles, research articles and short communications and technical notes from all areas related to agriculture disciplines. It covers original, previously unpublished research regarding any theories and practices that are related to agricultural applications. Submitted articles will be examined by a scientific committee and anonymous evaluators and published every two months in HTML and PDF formats (January, March, May, July, September, and November). Agriculture and Natural Resources is produced and hosted by Elsevier on behalf of Kasetsart University.The following areas are covered in the journal:
Agricultural science
Animal science and aquaculture
Biodiversity and evolution
Environment and ecology
Food science
Genetics and breeding
Microbiology and Biotechnology
Plant science
Soil science
Veterinary science
Agricultural applications in physical science, engineering and computational science

Peer Review under the responsibility of King Saud University

Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences is an English language, peer-review scholarly publication which publishes research articles and critical reviews from every area of Agricultural sciences and plant science. Scope of the journal includes, Agricultural Engineering, Plant production, Plant protection, Animal science, Agricultural extension, Agricultural economics, Food science and technology, Soil and water sciences, Irrigation science and technology and environmental science (soil formation, biological classification, mapping and management of soil).
Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences publishes 4 issues per year and is the official publication of the King Saud University and Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences and is published by King Saud University in collaboration with Elsevier and is edited by an international group of eminent researchers.

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