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Vacuum Frying Usage on Increasing Food Diversity

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(1)Fitriyono Ayustaningwarno S.TP (2)Kristina Ananingsih, ST, M.Sc
(1) Student of Food Science Postgraduate Program at IPB Bogor Indonesia
(2)Lecturer of Faculty of Agriculture Technology Soegijapranata Catholic University Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropic country that has high diversifications of kind and taste of fruits. Until
present day there are only some practices that process fruit into value added product. Meanwhile
with small process, fresh fruit can be turned into value added product. According to this
background it’s required to introduce alternative method that can be used to produce value added
food from vegetables and fruits. Frying can be done to produce product that have crispy product
from food that have high moisture content but still have much disadvantages such color
alteration. The new alternative is use vacuum process for frying. Advantages of using vacuum
frying rather than at atmosphere condition include: (1) can reduce oil content in the fried product,
(2) can preserve natural color and flavors and texture of the product due to the low temperature
and oxygen content during the process, and (3) has less adverse effects on oil quality. Package
that suitable to packing chips produced by vacuum fryer are PET 12μm /PE 15μm /Al 7μm /EAA
30μm, and then followed by HDPE 8μm and CPP 25 μm /OPP 10 μm.
Keywords: Vacuum frying, food diversity, preserving, frying

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Ayustaningwarno, F., & Ananingsih, V. K. (2007). Vacuum frying usage on increasing food diversity. Paper presented at the International Agricultural Engineering Conference: Cutting edge technologies and innovations on sustainable resources for world food sufficiency, Bangkok, Thailand,.

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